Thank You All!

Monday, January 4, 2021

A huge thank you to all that were able to attend, or who helped us with FM:Online!

We could not have pulled this off without the help from the staff, moderators, VRChat creators and testers, panelists, artists, dealers, DJ’s, Furry Down Under, Argentina Fur Fiesta,  Blue Ridge Furfare, MUX, Tightrope Media Systems and of course our attendees!

As we look toward 2021 we are unsure what the future may hold.  The next dates for Furry Migration are September 10th to 12th.  We are itching to get back to the Hyatt Regency so we can see all of you in 3 dimensions.  Well, other than VRChat.

We are working on pulling together a list of the people who donated and will be reaching out to you soon.  If you don’t hear from us by January 8th you can reach out to us via the Contact Us page via “General Information” or “Co-Chairmen”.

The VRChat world for FM:Online will be free to use for the foreseeable future.  We will work on adding names to the “Thank you” section as soon as we are able.

We would love to hear your feedback about the event.  We have put together a survey you are free to fill out by following the button below.  We also have a stats page with the number of viewers, chat messages, the credits and other bits of information.

If you are interested in another event, we are having Furry Migration 2021 Sept. 10th to 12th.  It will be located at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis as long as health regulations allow.  We will do another online event in it’s place if restrictions forbid large group gatherings ( we are keeping our fingers, toes, hooves and claws crossed!  Stay safe and please wear a mask! ).

Thank you again for joining us over New Years.  We look forward to seeing you at Furry Migration 2021!
and the rest of the staff.

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