This was our first online event and we would love to know how we did! If you don’t mind completing this brief survey to help us better understand what we did right, and where we need to improve. If you mark “poor” for any item, we’d appreciate some more detail of what you didn’t like in the “Additional Feedback” text box.

If you’d like us to contact you about your survey responses, please feel free to leave your email. This is optional.

Thanks again for attending Furry Migration Online!

Survey Questions

    1. Watching the stream (Audio/Video technical difficulties aside), What was your satisfaction with the video stream (Content, Ease of access, etc)?

    2. During our DJ Portion of the event, what was your satisfaction level of the DJ’s (Content, Length, Quality, etc)?

    3. If you were in our discord, What was your satisfaction with the discord server (Channels, Engagements, etc)?

    4. If you joined VRChat, What was your satisfaction with the FM VRChat world?

    5. What was your favorite part of FM Online? (Check all that apply)

    6. Was this your first involvement with Furry Migration (Have you been to one of our conventions?)

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