FM Online – FAQ

Donation Perks

How much is shipping for the badge?

It’s included in the donation price. No additional payment needed.

When will I get my badge?

We’ll be emailing everyone that donated $15 or more to get names for the badge. While there’s a lot of factors for us to consider in the printing of the badges, You should* have them before the end of the month (apologizes in advance if its late).

How long will the VRChat world be up?

We have no intentions or plans of taking it down.

Post Event

I missed a panel I wanted to watch

We’ll make every effort to record and upload all panels to our FM Youtube account.

Where are the DJ sets on your Youtube?

Our music licensing only covered us for the duration of our event. We are working on getting the recordings to their respective DJ’s, and it’s their call if they are to upload/share them.


Where is “Furry Migration Online”?

Furry Migration Online will be entirely online / virtual based, consisting of a Video Stream component including panels, Guest of Honor, DJ sets, and a celebration into the year 2021. You can join in from the comfort of your home.

When is FM Online?

Furry Migration Online starts at 2:00 pm CSTDJ sets start at 10:30 pm CST with the last DJ performance ending at 2:30 am CST. The discord will be around for a little longer after the event. Plans and intentions for the Discord will be communicated within the server.

How much will Furry Migration Online cost?

Nothing! Since this is an experimental one-off event to be the most socially distant compliance, We are not charging for admission to Furry Migration Online.

There will be some minimal costs associated with running this event, we will accept donations during the event and have some merch available. Donations during the live-event (and shortly after) over a certain amount will be eligible to get a limited edition “Furry Migration Online 2020” badge for those that like collecting con badges.

How can I participate in FM Online?

You will be able to watch the Livestream here on our website. Engaging with others can happen on our Discord Server.

When is Furry Migration Online over?

The actual event ends at 2:30 am CST. The discord will be around for a little longer after the event. Plans and intentions for the Discord will be communicated within the server.

I want to volunteer & help make this happen!

Great! There are two ways you can help. One is helping to provide content for the event. If hosting a panel or creating content isn’t your thing, You’re also welcome to volunteer. Please email for available volunteering positions. You’re eligible to get 10 hours of volunteer time plus anything over 10 hours you do would be counted as double time.

Online Stream? Are there dealer/sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! Check out the packages page here. However, the dealer form is currently closed.

Where is the stream chat?

We’re not using any platform that has chat with it. For chatting during the Livestream, please checkout our FM Discord server.

Donation / Perks

What do I get for donating?

Donations made during the event are eligible for getting some perks. The perks available for these tiers can be viewed on the donation page itself. You’ll get the incentive at or above the donation amount.

How long will these Donation Incentives be available?

Donations made after January 4th @ 11:59 pm will not be available to get donation perks (badge, VRChat name featured in the world, etc). If you’d still like to donate, you may do so at our primary Furry Migration website @

How much is shipping for the badge?

Shipping cost is included in the donation tier amounts. No additional payment is needed.

Whos the artist for the badge?

The badge was drawn by Flame Voices.

I donated $30+, I don’t see my name on the VRChat wall!

We’ll be updating the world after Jan 4th with all the names on it. Please allow us time to go through the donors and get all the correct names.

Panel / Event Questions

How do I submit panels for this online event?

You can submit panels for the convention online via our panel submission form here. Panels are now closed for new submissions.

If I am a panelist, how will that work virtually?

We will be using a combination of presentation methods for panels & events. This will include a mix of Discord Voice Channels, Zoom/Google Meets, pre-recorded panels, and direct feeds via RTMP using services like OBS. If you dont know which is best for you, Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will work with you to help set up one of these methods. We will be offering a few different types of panels, and this will depend on which platform we help you set up on:

  • Presentation Only: This allows you to present your panel without having others being able to talk over voice. This is good if you don’t need engagement during your presentation, but want to open to a Q&A.
  • Workshop Style: This will allow you to communicate and talk with your other attendees for the panel. This is great for getting the most engagement with your panel attendees.
  • Pre-Recorded: If you cant be at the event, or you prefer, you can record your panel for playback.

I can’t join a panel voice channel in Discord

Some panelists are using Discord to stream their panel to the video stream. In some cases, the voice-channel will be open after the panel is complete to allow for engagement & questions. Please view the livestream to watch any active panels.

Will my panel be featured live on stream?

Potentially! We will have a mix of “Main Stage” events that will be featured during the Livestream and side rooms for personal engagement. Because of the nature and uncertainty of live productions, “Workshop” style panels will not be available for streaming online.

Other Acknowledgements

Thanks to Glyphicons for use of icons on our webpage(s). Streaming CDN is provided to us as a courtesy of MUX. Thanks to Tightrope Media Systems for donated use of Studio space.

Watch FM Online

Watch previously recorded panels & events on our YouTube page.

Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers in September.

Donate And Help

Furry Migration appreciates your donation that it helps out your community!