Code of Conduct

For the latest version of the code of conduct please visit MNFurs Code of Conduct page. The code of conduct here is provided for convenience and any conflicts with the one on MNFurs website is resolved by the MNFurs website version.

It is expected that all members who use the website and people that go to events run by Minnesota Furs to follow the code of conduct.

A PDF version of the code of conduct is located here.


Minnesota Furs Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & You.  Common sense is the basis of the Code of Conduct. This serves as a guideline to frame acceptable and unacceptable behavior while taking part in Minnesota Furs (MNFurs) activities, communities, and events. Not all rules and situations are contained within this document, but this acts as a guideline for the expectations of our community and organization. Nothing in this Code supersedes civil law or the rules of any venue where our events may take place; if something is illegal outside our event, assume it’s illegal inside as well.

These rules apply to all of MNFurs events, including Furry Migration.

Minors.  Anyone under the age of 18 is a minor per state law.  Minors are not permitted under any circumstances to enter areas that have been designated for mature audiences. Providing false identification will result in penalties later outlined in this Code of Conduct.

Operations.  Our event staff are here to serve and assist our attendees by promoting a successful event, upholding this Code of Conduct, and answering any questions. The event hosts are expected to identify themselves appropriately. We ask all attendees to cooperate within reason.

The primary contact at Furry Migration is through the Operations department  If you have any concerns, please discuss them with the Operations Department. If your concern regards a staff member or a member of the Operations department, you may take the matter up with the Department Head on duty for Operations, or you may send an email to

At all other events, concerns may be brought to the event staff or MNFurs board.

Harassment.  Minnesota Furs has a zero tolerance for harassment through speech, actions, or symbols which are generally understood to be offensive.  Minnesota Furs reserves the sole right to determine what is classified as harassment.

Persons disrupting the event, or displaying any actions, iconography, speech of oppression, and/or harassment of any type towards individuals or groups will be asked to refrain from these activities or remove these symbols. Failure to cooperate such a request can result in penalties later outlined in the Code of Conduct.

If you feel that you are being harassed or subjected to prejudiced or unwelcome behavior, if you are aware of others being harassed or subjected to unwelcome behavior, or if you notice someone behaving inappropriately (such as violating hotel or convention policies), please come to a staff member right away.

If someone tells you “no” or asks to be left alone, your interaction with them is over.

Service Animals.  MNFurs events observes all state and federal laws relating to service animals.  Service Animals in event space may be asked to display an event provided badge to help identify them.

While a venue may permit animals on their premises, areas rented by MNFurs  are considered private function space where only service animals are allowed. If you have questions about what constitutes a Service Animal, consult

Representing the Organization.  MNFurs encourages the sharing of your experience. Sharing our community and spreading the culture of the fandom are core to our mission.  It is important that during these times you are speaking for yourself, and do not give the appearance, implicit or explicit; of speaking on behalf of or for the organization or its events or regarding issues not delegated to you. Only those authorized by the Board of Directors, Convention Leadership, or Event Runners have been authorized to speak on behalf of the organization. Doing so helps us to speak more clearly and with a common voice.

Media & the Press.  Press passes may be made available to journalists, media photographers, or other members of the press upon request, which may also require accompaniment by event staff. MNFurs staff or other individuals may be made available for interviews where appropriate. Unauthorized recording or interviews during MNFurs events may result in removal or further action.

Photography.  While participating  in MNFurs events, photograph(s) or video may be taken of person(s). By participating in the event, you agree to us using said imagery in official group photos and promotional material.  Exceptions to this consent may be negotiated on a case by case basis with event hosts.

Recording devices are welcome for personal use with permission of the subject(s). Some areas in our events may strictly prohibit recording.

Publication of MNFurs pictures, film, and creative assets are expressly prohibited without written authorization of the MNFurs Board of Directors.

Social Media.  When speaking or writing in a context which would reasonably be understood to represent MNFurs or one of its programs, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves according to the guidelines in this Code of Conduct.  This includes, for instance, public statements such as social media, online message services and public conversation. Conduct that has the effect of associating the organization with behavior contrary to the Code of Conduct is not acceptable.

Use of Resources.  The use of MNFurs goods and services are allowed by the Board on a case by case basis. Advanced notice must be sent to the Board and approved before use of the goods or services. This includes but is not limited to club memberships, physical goods, data and virtual assets, logistics services.

Data Privacy.  MNFurs respects the privacy of its members.  It is our policy to restrict the access of personal data and to only release personal data in extreme circumstances or when legally required.  

Badges.  Badges are common at large MNFurs events and come in two forms: Membership and Fundraiser.  Volunteers and staffers may request to verify membership. Badges remain MNFurs property during the duration of the event. Membership badges show that an individual is an authorized attendee, and must be displayed at all times in the common and function spaces of the event the badge is for. This also includes fursuiters and cosplayers. Distribution and production of counterfeit membership badges are expressly forbidden. At the end of said event, the Membership badge becomes the property of the person said badge is generated for.

General Rating.  MNFurs activities, communities, and events are intended to be accessible to all ages unless explicitly stated.  Minors are generally permitted to attend MNFurs events with parental consent. Parents seeking more information to help inform their decisions about any planned events should contact MNFurs in advance.

Flyers & Signs.  Signs and posters must be appropriate for the space and audience where they will be placed  or they will be removed. Any postings must be made in areas reserved for public notices and should fit with the objective/mission/etc of said event. MNFurs reserves the right to approve or deny signage displayed at events.

Merchandise.  Sales of any products or goods within event space is prohibited unless within areas designated by authorized event staff.

Costumes & Props.  Props of the ‘large and unwieldy’ variety should be carried carefully, mindful of nearby people and property, or perhaps left at home.  Costume props are allowed at MNFur events. We ask that those bringing props keep the event venue and the safety of others in mind.

To ensure the safety of our attendees, we use the peacebonding system for weapons based props. Please see a staffer for questions on how to proceed.  Brandishing or unsheathing any weapon is not allowed except by arrangement in specified locations, and will result in the confiscation of the weapon for the duration of the event.  

Staffing.  Being a volunteer or staffer for MNFurs does not elevate any individual above the rules.  Staffers must follow and model the Code of Conduct at all times.

Intoxication.  MNFurs does not directly serve alcohol at its events or activities, and we expect our participants to drink responsibly if they do so. Staffers and volunteers are expected to be sober while on duty or representing the organization.

Violations.  Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in penalties, which include but are not limited to verbal warning, written warning, revocation of membership, temporary ban, or permanent ban. These penalties are in place to prevent unsafe behavior and situations from impacting the event, our personnel, our resources, or our relationship with the venue. Penalties may be increased depending on the severity of the offence.

If a member is removed by the venue management or law enforcement for any reason, we will deny readmission  for the duration of the ban.

We reserve the right to update this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice. The current version will be available at   Nothing in this code shall be construed as waiving any rights or claims under law on behalf of MNFurs.

In Conclusion.  These rules are provided by the Board of Directors as part of their mission to safeguard the organization, our partners and most importantly the people who participate in our programs.  Please contact event staff or the Board of any problems or clarifications required. As always, it is our hope that you enjoy what we have to offer, and have an amazing time.

Approved by the Board of Directors in a blizzard on 14 April 2018.

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