Donation perks

  • $15+
    • Limited Edition “Furry Migration Online” Physical Badge with your name
    • Listed as a donor during Livestream
    • Name collected in form is for billing information. You will be contacted after Jan 4th to confirm a name you want printed on the badge.
  • $30+
    • Everything in $15 perks
    • Name featured in VRChat world permanently after the event

Donations after January 4th @ 11:59pm CST will no longer be eligible for the donation perks.

Donate to Furry Migration

To be able to donate to Furry Migration you need to enable javascript.

Badges will be created and mailed shortly after the incentive end (Jan 4).
Names that are offensive in nature will not be featured in the VRChat world.

Watch FM Online

Watch previously recorded panels & events on our YouTube page.

Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers in September.

Donate And Help

Furry Migration appreciates your donation that it helps out your community!