Furry Video Expo

Show off your moves, or a fun time had with friends!

We are looking for video submissions of furries being their fun-loving selves!

The videos will be played between panels and DJ sets to everyone watching the stream.  Content must be G rated and we can not guarantee all videos will be presented.

We are looking for all types of content.  From old clips of hanging out at conventions to furmeets, to VRChat videos, to having fun with your friends.


  • G-Rated
  • Furry Related
  • Fursuits are not a requirement
  • 5 minute maximum
  • 1920 x 1080 preferred
  • Standard video formats, mp4 preferred
  • The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, December 29th by 11:59pm CST.

To submit small videos attach the video or for larger videos include a link in an easily accessible format (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) and send to video@furrymigration.org.

Any additional questions can be sent to video@furrymigration.org



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