Online Panels Info

When signing up to host a panel at Furry Migration, things will be handled a little differently since things will be entirely online.

Presenting your panel content

A good panel online can either involve a webcam to be enabled or an active screen share (Though not required). This creates a more engaging panel, even if it’s a slide presentation you’re going to show. Keep in mind that we’ll be reaching out to panels that we’ll be featuring during our live stream.

Don’t worry about all the details being outlined here. We’ll communicate with you before & during the event to help ensure you know where to be and how to do it. If you’re confused, please feel free to email us with questions at

Platform Options

We have a couple of different options for options to house your panel:

  • Discord server. The event will have a Furry Migration Discord Server. Discord supports webcams & screen sharing. We prefer Discord for its permission settings and ease of access to panel rooms. You’ll need a free discord account. You can read more about Discord here.
  • Google Meets. We can set up a Google Hangouts session for your panel. Please ensure you meet the requirements.
  • Pre-recorded. Just record something, send the file to us before the event and we’ll rebroadcast it.

Attendance Options

You can select from a few different options for having people attend/view your panel.

  • Closed Presentation: People can join and watch, however, cannot speak (No voice permissions). Discord
  • Closed Presentation w/ Q&A: People can join and watch. Though they can only speak when the panel is ready for Questions and Answers. Discord
  • Workshop Style: People can join & talk whenever they’d like during your panel. Discord Google Meets
  • Private to Stream only: Your panel will only be presented to the stream. Google Meets Pre-recorded

Pre-recorded Criteria

You can simply record yourself on camera, or record a screen share. If you need software, OBS is a great free option. If you are pre-recording your panel, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please deliver your panel to us in mp4 format.
  • We’re streaming at 1920 x 1080 (60 fps).

Watch FM Online

Watch previously recorded panels & events on our YouTube page.

Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers in September.

Donate And Help

Furry Migration appreciates your donation that it helps out your community!