Dealers Den & Packages

Package applications will be accepted until Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.


Featured listing for dealers on our website (“Virtual Dealers Den”) and in our discord.


  • Featured listing on “Dealers Den” webpage with link to FA or Website
  • “Dealer” role on Discord


15-second call to action video spot during our Livestream every hour. Includes perks of “Skagman”.


  • 15 Second video spot on live-stream every hour
  • Featured “Dealers Den” listing
  • “Dealer” role on Discord


A sponsored hour with a callout. Featured on website & in the discord during the event.


  • A full sponsored hour during the livestream with custom callout and logo featured on live stream
  • Branding/Logo on “Watch” page for entire event

Additional information.

  • Furry Migration¬†Code of Conduct is expected to be followed.
  • No pirated material of any sort will be allowed in the Dealer’s Den. Selling books, CDs or any other item that includes work by another person from which full permission has not been obtained is strictly prohibited
  • Individuals purchasing the “Virtual Dealers Den” listing (Skagman) will be allotted 1 link to a website or other external source.
  • Files (if applicable), additional details, and payment for your package will be finalized via email after the application is submitted & reviewed.

Package Application

Dealers submissions are currently closed.
All registered dealers will be contacted shortly to confirm submissions.

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