We created a world specifically for Furry Migration Online! You can hop in and hang out with other furs.

Don’t own a VR headset? That’s OK! VRChat works without a virtual reality headset.

Link not working? Follow the troubleshooting below.

VRChat Safety & You!

Just like other platforms, VRChat is public and can sometimes lead to meeting less than favorable individuals that want to ruin your experience. We got permission from Furality to share their wonderful VRChat Safety video, We recommend giving it a watch!
▶ Watch VRChat Safety Video

World Features

  • Mirror
  • Ambient Sounds (Can be toggled)
  • Rain feature (Toggle)
  • Props


Name Wall

As a thank you to our $30+ donors, we are offering for your username to be put on the FM Online world wall! All donors of $30 or more will be contacted after Jan 4th for confirming name or VRChat username to be put on the wall. This wall can be see in-game, to the right of the mirror.


  • Clicking the link to join the world isn’t working!
    Please following the “Troubleshooting: Link not working” instructions at the bottom of the page.
  • How do I mute the music or city sounds?
    By the spawn of the world, there are buttons to toggle music and cityscape sounds.
  • Someone is harassing me or others
    Since all sessions in VRChat are created ad-hoc, we cannot directly assist with troublemakers in VRChat. You have two options: (1) Block the individual with the in-game menu, or, (2) Find the person who started the instance, and have them remove the individual
  • I cant connect while natively on my Oculus Quest
    The FM World was built for full desktop VR and was not built to be compatible with Oculus Quest 1 or 2. Please follow this guide; https://support.oculus.com/394778968099974/?locale=en_US
    If you’re already using Oculus Link (or similar software) and are having this problem
  • How do I join my friends?
    Friends in the world can send you an invite, or you can request to join. Alternatively, you can check if the world has any “Public” instances open.
  • How did you make this?
    This was created with VRChat SDK3, using paid assets from SynthyStudios.
  • Somebody told me I need “VRChat Platinum” to join
    Somebody is trolling you.

Troubleshooting: Link not working

While the game is open, click on the “Join the world” link. If nothing happens, you may need to run the Installation Helper. Close your game and see if the installation helper appears.

If so, Great! Click on “Proceed”. Then, relaunch VRChat. Once VRChat is open, click on the link again.

If the installation helper isn’t appearing, you may have to run it manually. You can find it in your VRChat installation directory.


  • Dec 30th, 8:30pm – 0.8
    • First public release outside of closed testing
  • Dec 30th, 8:50pm – 0.9
    • Fixed collision issues
    • Typo in text element

Watch FM Online

Watch previously recorded panels & events on our YouTube page.

Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers in September.

Donate And Help

Furry Migration appreciates your donation that it helps out your community!